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Issues and Legislation

Legislative Process

Search for Legislation allows you to search for legislation by bill number or keyword.

Current Floor Debate

The Clerk of the House summarizes what's happening on the floor of the House as debate occurs.

Proceedings of the House

The Congressional Record is the official transcript of the proceedings and debates of the U.S. Congress.

Daily Committee Schedule

Each day, House committees meet to consider proposed legislation. Find a detailed schedule of House Committee meetings.

House Schedule

Read which bills will be considered on the House floor from the Majority Leader's office.

Federal Laws

The U.S. Code is the official compilation of the current federal statutes of a general and permanent nature.

Recent Votes

Date Roll Call Bill Vote
12/2/2021 401 H.R.2930 Yea
12/2/2021 400 H.R.6119 Nay
12/2/2021 399 H.R.6119 Nay
12/2/2021 398 H.R.6119 Yea
12/2/2021 397 H.RES.829 Nay
12/2/2021 396 H.RES.829 Nay
12/2/2021 395 H.RES.829 Nay
12/1/2021 393 H.R.4352 Nay
12/1/2021 392 H.R.5720 Yea