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How Is Overregulation Impacting You?

Continuing to tie up job creators in red tape will result in lasting damage to our country. Click here to tell me your story about how overregulation is impacting you.
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The Committee on Ways & Means and You

The Ways and Means Committee impacts nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Learn more about how the committee impacts you.
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Intern for Congressman Smith

Interested in a congressional internship? Congressman Smith is accepting applications NOW for his Washington D.C., Scottsbluff, and Grand Island offices.
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Latest News

American Leadership Needed in the World

Jul 25, 2014 Column

President Ronald Reagan is known for ending the Cold War without armed conflict with the Soviet Union through a policy of Peace through Strength.

Ethan Nelson Wins Student App Challenge

Jul 22, 2014 Press Release

Congressman Adrian Smith (R-NE) today announced Ethan Nelson of Dalton as the winner of the first annual House Student App Challenge for Nebraska’s Third District.

Smith Bill Would Require Advanced Notice When Unaccompanied Minors Moved to State

Jul 18, 2014 Press Release

Congressman Adrian Smith (R-NE) introduced H.R. 5129, legislation which would require the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to give states advanced notice when unaccompanied minors are to be placed in a state.

Crisis at the Border

Jul 18, 2014 Column

In recent weeks, I have heard from many Nebraskans concerned by the growing crisis at our southern border. The problem of illegal immigration is nothing new, but this year there has been a surge of tens of thousands of unaccompanied children mostly from Central America crossing into our country.