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Smith Votes Against Iran Deal

September 11, 2015
Press Release

Congressman Adrian Smith (R-NE) released the following statement today after voting against the Obama administration’s deal with Iran.

“The majority of Americans oppose President Obama’s deal with Iran because they know trusting the Iranian regime is a reckless, terrible mistake,” Smith said. “The Obama administration has a track record of poor foreign policy decisions, and this deal is no exception. It lifts economic sanctions on Iran while ending arms embargoes, clearing the path for the Iranian regime to pursue not only nuclear weapon development but also more terrorist activities against our country and our allies. 

“While President Obama will inevitably continue to push his bad deal forward, the House will do everything we can to stop it and allow U.S. negotiators to go back to the table. We must pursue a new agreement which holds Iran accountable and puts our national security first.”

Smith also voted in favor of H.R. 3460 to suspend President Obama’s authority to lift sanctions on Iran and H. Res. 411, which declares President Obama did not comply with the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act due to his failure to provide documentation on side deals.

House Floor Remarks:

Mr. Speaker, I rise today in strong opposition to lifting economic sanctions on Iran.

Throughout August, I spoke with many Nebraskans across my district at public meetings.

In addition to their frustration over the reach of the federal government, the most common concern they shared with me involved the Iran deal. 

The ramifications of this agreement will impact not only our country’s future but also the stability of the world.

I am opposed to this deal and believe Congress must reject it and allow U.S. negotiators to go back to the table.

Permanently lifting economic sanctions on Iran, as this deal does, would allow global financial resources to flow into a country still included on our list of state sponsors of terrorism.

Not only does this deal end long-held sanctions, but it also lifts arms embargos.

The conventional weapons embargo ends in five years under this agreement, and the ballistic missile ban is lifted in eight years.

We should be mindful of our closest ally in the region, Israel, whose leaders continue to gravely warn us of the dangers of trusting the Iranian regime.

President Obama has said our options are either accepting this deal or going to war.  I think this rhetoric is irresponsible.

Economic sanctions have served as one of the most effective, peaceful methods of suppressing the Iranian regime.

When our national security is on the line, reaching no deal is better than advancing a bad deal. 

Congress must stop this bad deal and pursue a stronger agreement which enforces greater accountability measures on Iran and prioritizes the safety of our country and our allies.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker, I yield back.