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Smith Featured at Briefing on Lifting Ethanol Regulations to Increase Consumer Choice

March 1, 2016
Press Release

Congressman Adrian Smith (R-NE) presented at a briefing today to educate congressional staff on the impacts of an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation which currently prevents the sale of E15 during the summer months.    

Though E15 is cheaper and has a higher octane rating than both E10 and standard gasoline, retailers are unable to market E15 during the summer months due to EPA volatility standards. The EPA granted E10 a waiver from these volatility standards in 1990, but this waiver has not yet been extended to E15.  

In April 2015, Smith introduced H.R. 1736 to extend this waiver to E15, allowing it to be sold year-round.

“Ethanol provides consumers with greater choice at the pump, and retailers should have the opportunity to market more options to meet our country’s fuel demand,” Smith said. “For many retailers, the steps required to comply with the EPA’s arbitrary regulation makes E15 uncompetitive. Today’s panel made the case for extending to E15 the waiver already granted to E10 in order to diversify our fuel supply, increase consumer choice, and promote American energy independence.”

Speakers included:

Steve Anderson
Owner, Marshall Cretin Minnoco

Jeff Gallic
Vice President of Petroleum Supply and Distribution, Thorntons, Inc.

Mike Lorenz
Executive Vice President of Petroleum Supply, Sheetz

Mike O’Brien (Moderator)
Vice President of Market Development, Growth Energy