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Congressman Adrian Smith

Representing the 3rd District of Nebraska



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March 8, 2013 Column

Many Americans, including myself, are often frustrated by the inability of Congress to get important legislation passed.  Congress was unable to agree to a new long-term Farm Bill last year.  The Senate has not passed a budget in nearly four years.  And it seems like Congress and the President are locked in constant showdowns to avoid the latest ceiling, cliff, or shutdown.

March 7, 2013 Press Release


Congressman Adrian Smith (R-NE) issued the following statement after meeting with Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe:

March 6, 2013 Press Release

Congressman Adrian Smith (R-NE) and Congressman John B.

March 1, 2013 Column

The so-called “sequester” is the latest showdown to grip the attention of Washington and the nation.  The House of Representatives voted twice to replace these arbitrary cuts before the March 1 deadline with commonsense reductions and reforms.  However, these cuts are now in effect because the President and the Senate have yet to propose and pass a viable alternative.

February 28, 2013 Press Release


American Conservative Union (ACU) Chairman Al Cardenas presented Congressman Adrian Smith (R-NE) the 2012 ACU Conservative Award.  Smith was given the award in recognition his conservative voting record during the Second Session of the 112th Congress. 

February 22, 2013 Column


The founders of our American Republic deliberately designed a federal government with three separate but equal branches; the legislative branch to pass laws, the executive branch to enforce laws, and the judicial branch to interpret and review laws.   Through a system of checks and balances, the founders sought to prevent any one branch of government from having too much power.

February 18, 2013 Press Release

Congressman Adrian Smith (R-NE) issued the following statement after Senator Mike Johanns (R-NE) announced he would retire from the U.S. Senate at the end of the 113th Congress:

February 15, 2013 Press Release


Congressman Adrian Smith (R-NE) issued the following statement after being appointed to the House Committee on Ways and Means Subcommittee on Trade and the Subcommittee on Health:

February 15, 2013 Column




November 12, 2010 Article
Throughout our nation's history innovators and entrepreneurs have played an integral role in creating American jobs, increasing productivity, and moving our economy forward.
November 5, 2010 Article
The new health care law, which I opposed, contains numerous changes to Medicare prescription drug plans as well other aspects of everyone's health care.
October 29, 2010 Article
It's plain and simple - you deserve fiscal responsibility from your government. Unfortunately, Washington has failed to live up to this basic tenet.
October 22, 2010 Article
Unfortunately, when Congress goes into extra innings it usually means bad things for American taxpayers.
October 15, 2010 Article
Over the last two years, the EPA has proposed burdensome new air and water regulations on everything from irrigation canals to methane from cows.