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What America Really Needs

April 16, 2021

Earlier this year, President Biden pushed his $1.9 trillion spending package, the American Rescue Plan, through Congress and signed it into law claiming it was a dire necessity because of the pandemic. However, his administration has been very slow in rolling out programs created by this massive bill despite saying it was so urgently required. Instead, they have been busy proposing more “emergency” spending, before money allocated in the previous bill has even been spent and while our economy has begun bouncing back, largely on its own.

From the moment he signed the bill, President Biden and his administration seemingly moved on from the American Rescue Plan and set their sights on another, more costly spending package, this time totaling $2.3 trillion. The proposed plan has been called an “infrastructure” package, yet the proportion of funds included dedicated to true transportation and infrastructure needs across the nation is surprisingly small. This new plan consists of less than 2% for waterways, locks, dams, ports and airports, less than 5% for broadband, and less than 6% for roads and bridges. These aspects of infrastructure are what both Nebraska and the nation need to improve upon, and they are largely ignored so that most of the package can be directed to creating new social programs, green energy incentives, and other government expansions that won’t help our businesses create jobs, produce goods or services, or sell them around our nation and the world. Communities in Nebraska, especially rural areas, would benefit greatly from an increase in broadband, and I would gladly support bipartisan legislation that would do so, but that is clearly not the focus of this package.

When breaking down the actual items in the infrastructure plan put forward, it is clear they have less to do with infrastructure and more to do with passing partisan policies masked as infrastructure. For instance, several aspects of the $2.3 trillion proposal would accomplish priorities listed in the Green New Deal. Electric vehicles are one of these items with the investment totaling $174 billion, that is more money than what would go to bridges and roads, or waterways and railways. Another example of the disproportional funding and masquerade of the Green New Deal is the $10 billion dedicated to establishing a Civilian Climate Corps. Our focus right now should be reopening our economy and getting Americans back to work, not asking Americans to change every aspect of their lives to implement an unproven left-wing agenda.

Along with the infrastructure plan recently put forth, the Biden Administration released their proposed blueprint for fiscal year 2022’s budget and it falls short. This $1.52 trillion proposal would increase domestic spending on existing programs by 16%, on top of what has been spent in the American Rescue Plan and is proposed for infrastructure. As with these other two spending plans, the President claims these proposals are intended to address areas of need in our economy, but they are actually focused on further expanding many of the same programs with no connection to COVID that he has included in past proposals.

Over the course of the last year, Congress came together to pass truly bipartisan spending packages to combat the coronavirus all while supporting the American people. Now, our economy is starting to recover, and our priority must be connecting Americans with jobs to allow our economy to flourish once again. Now more than ever we should not be increasing taxes on hardworking Americans and sending their jobs overseas, but that is precisely what the recently proposed plans from the Biden Administration would do. Congress must take action to serve the interests of our constituents and do what is best for our country, not what is prioritized by the far-left.