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How Is Overregulation Impacting You?

Continuing to tie up job creators in red tape will result in lasting damage to our country. Click here to tell me your story about how overregulation is impacting you.
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The Committee on Ways & Means and You

The Ways and Means Committee impacts nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Learn more about how the committee impacts you.
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Intern for Congressman Smith

Interested in a congressional internship? Congressman Smith is accepting applications NOW for his Washington D.C., Scottsbluff, and Grand Island offices.
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Latest News

Advancing U.S. Agriculture Trade in Asia

Feb 27, 2015 Column

With 95 percent of consumers living outside the U.S. border and standards of living increasing in much of the developing world, global demand for Nebraska’s agriculture products is growing. Unfortunately, current trade barriers prevent our producers from fully capitalizing on this opportunity.

Congressional Art Competition Deadline Approaching

Feb 26, 2015 Press Release

Congressman Adrian Smith (R-NE) encourages high school students in Nebraska’s Third District to submit their artwork for the 2015 Congressional Art Competition by the Monday, March 2 deadline.

Keeping the Social Security Promise

Feb 20, 2015 Column

For generations, Americans have paid taxes into Social Security with the expectation the program will be there if they need it when they get older. Without reform, the Social Security Trust Fund will continue toward insolvency.

Preserving a Legacy of Opportunity

Feb 13, 2015 Column

Nebraska’s pioneer history demonstrates what can happen when people are empowered by opportunity. Simplifying the tax code and pursuing domestic energy solutions are just two of many initiatives I am working on to encourage economic growth.