How Is Overregulation Impacting You?

Hearing from you helps me do my job better. This month I want to you tell me your story about how government regulations are impacting you, your family, or your business.They will not be for public dissemination, and the only way your story will be shared publicly is if I receive permission from you.

Our country's economy is struggling to recover. Unfortunately, small business owners are facing tremendous challenges. The reams of red tape being handed down from Washington is creating a chilling effect on our economic recovery.

The ongoing uncertainty is hurting small businesses and preventing the creation of private sector jobs. This doubt – especially during a time when our economy is struggling to right itself – is a recipe for disaster.

If you are a small business owner trying to create jobs in the Third District, I want you to tell me your story about your experiences and what steps you feel we should take to lessen the heavy hand of government.

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